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Most relaxing colour

The most relaxing colour is a deep sky blue colour, known as cardiac blue. It is been shown that when it is in a person’s field of vision it causes the brain to secrete 11 tranquillizing neurotransmitters. Generally it has been shown that exposure to the colour blue of any shade slows down the pulse rate, deepens breathing and lowers body temperature. By contrast, when a person is exposed to red then the blood pressure elevates, blood flow speeds up and the rate of breathing increases.

Colour in plants

Flavonoids are plant pigments that create a rainbow of colours, they are also good to eat. The colouring of blueberries can help with memory, and also oxygenate the skin; the red of grapes can protect against heart disease, as do the flavonoids in Green and Black Tea. It has also been found that drinking tea can lower blood cholesterol and reduce some of the chemicals associated with Alzheimers disease.

Colour in cars

Even the colour of your car can affect you. A study of 1000 drivers in New Zealand found that drives of silver cars were 50% less likely to be seriously injured in a crash than drivers of white vehicles.

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