A vision of design into the future

By Trevor Muir, UK

Designers in the future will need to be aware of the electro-magnetic lives of the human design so that design can be used much more fully to facilitate the fulfilment of the human purpose. The following is a vision of the possibility of design from an architect who believes such a new vision is now calling from the future, for the new hospitals in the world still to be built ...

DIARY EXTRACT: Thursday 20th September 2007

I have been here in the Crucible of Healing for three days now, and the effects have been quite amazing. It is a new place, just opened in the north of England, designed to heal trauma and stress, and where art and design have been specifically used to create a new kind of healing ecology. I just had not realised that such a place could be designed … everywhere I go there seems to be a mystical and magical atmosphere, almost as if I have been transported into a new possibility.

For it is a place which has been designed with new technologies to heal the imbalances of the electro- magnetic lives rather than the pains and illnesses of the physical body. Already I am beginning to see that it is a rather special sanctuary where drugs have been replaced with assistance from the unseen energies in the atmosphere which are able to come and live within the specific design proportions of the ecology. The whole place was designed to be compatible with the energies of the land upon which it was sited.

Even on the first day I was immediately struck by the use of the amber and ruby colours on the walls of the Reception Chamber. I had never before experienced such a beautiful space to sit within, where the curved walls and the glass dome above pacified and neutralised the arterial red aggressiveness which I had carried in from the world outside.

It is difficult to describe how the first impressions had made me feel, except that I knew that the inner lives had flared, because of the sympathetic resonance between the design of all that I am and the design of the place. The arrangement of the amber stones in the walls in particular seemed to absorb all the unused static energies in my aura caused by the confusion of being too indecisive about the important things in life, and the ruby borders had glowed with such a generosity that I could begin to feel uplifted in the warmth of being clean and new.

I remember being caught by all the coloured crystals hanging in the fountain, because they held a charge and transmitted different colour vibrations into the air, and by the blue energy shield around the entrance doors which was a barrier to maintain the fineness of the atmosphere.

The colours also were quite amazing which is not surprising since the designers believe in the healing powers of particular colour vibrations. Everywhere the colours were pale and misty, almost as if they reflected the colours of the energies in the atmosphere. I found the pale greens to be very healing to the brain, and the diagonal colour bar-codes of pale yellow, pale green and lilac very soothing for the mind.

This morning I had woken up in the Pod of Regeneration, to hear the music and quietly spoken words of orange and indigo coming out of the tiny speakers next to my pillow. The words charged and replenished the unique essences I was born with, because the designers had been able to simulate a womb-like ecology where re-establishment of natural connection to the source of life could begin.

With the remote control handset by my bedside I could change the colour wash of the lighting in the room, so I spent some further time in the soft glow of yellow and green, to remind myself of who I am and to re-charge the senses and help the mental faculty to become stimulated.

I had then started the day in the Chamber of Stability, which has been designed with the frequency of the number four to provide strength and security. The proportions are connected to the natural causative laws which govern all life, such as the seasons, and in each corner there were four different alcoves to contain the healing elementals of fire, earth, air and water.

The whole ecology was designed to charge up the magnetic life, as I was beginning to learn that modern living these days is a huge drain upon the magnetic life. In particular, I was caught by the photographs of when I was a young boy, knowing that they have been placed there so that I can gather together the unique qualities and permanent lines of my life since first appearing here.

The room was full with the fresh scents of flowers, spices and herbs hovering in the atmosphere. They had been specifically chosen as a prescriptioned response to my ailment … in my particular case, the influence of the fuschias and foxgloves were sedating and calming upon the damaged nerves.

The windows at low level in the room were designed to allow the discharge of the coarser energies which descend to the lower parts of the room, as part of my cleansing process. This process was facilitated by the Healing Monitors who came in often to cleanse and recharge the energies of the atmosphere.

I came to know that the high ceilings were really important to allow my auric radiation to expand and grow, as it became replenished. All the materials have been chosen to specifically anchor finer frequencies in the atmosphere and the material hanging down from the ceiling was an insulant from the coarser frequencies of the modern world outside, which would inhibit the process of regeneration.

The windows seemed particularly beautiful, designed in the proportions of the golden section, as they were positioned specifically to frame particular long range views into the gardens, and to provide for the inner lives an escape route from feeling too enclosed and compressed.

Everywhere, the whole ecology is warm, soft and round, and it caused me to feel more at home as I reflected that there is nothing in the human design that is straight or square. Even the doors were shaped to reflect the size and contours of the electro magnetic aura. I suddenly realised that the designers of this place must have a respect and a reverence for the principles of natural design that governs the formation and appearance of all living things, and sought to create a place that was ‘of kind’ to the human design in the context of its purpose on earth.

Yesterday, I had visited The Refuge Garden, so that I could begin to re-constitute my true self with an engagement with the seven spectrum colours. I was beginning to see that the violet circuitries, in particular, had become toxic so I sat for awhile in front of the violet part to allow the healing of violet to happen, and became inspired with the greater purposes of life and living, with a new hope and vision for my future.

Upon leaving, I was caused to stop and dwell next to the Inner Reflective Pool of Contemplation. The water was a pure reflection of the domed ceiling above, which the designers had used to cause the visitor to reflect that we are made in the image of everything else in the Universe, and that we are an integral part of a much greater Template of Design.

I then completed my stay with a gentle stroll around the Cloister Walkway around the pool, which was designed to allow the crystallisation of my experience into the print of the two electro-magnetic blood systems, so that I could leave the Crucible of Healing, with the memory of touching my new self securely and indelibly etched into my constitution for the rest of my life.

I am so looking forward to visiting the Crucible of Healing again and again.

Trevor Muir is a founder member of the Template Network and runs his own architect’s practise in Nottingham, England.

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