It is said that Monet made many paintings of Reims Cathedral and the waterlilies in his garden to try to understand the light. But what drove him? What urged him to make all these almost identical paintings year after year after year? He was fascinated by the deeper meaning of light, how it works, where it comes from, how it influences everything on the planet, how it causes different feelings and thoughts in us all. It was his way of trying to get in tune with and on the frequency of light so that he could understand its essence and cause that coding which, as impressions of beauty, are vitamins to the human.

There is something inbuilt in us all that is fully able – without further academic education and intellectual dogma - to recognise beauty, and that something seeks to give it recognition. Beauty calls for recognition.

Everything on the planet, everything in nature has beauty, each facet and stage of life has a natural beauty, and we may all agree to it and witness that. It seems that by capturing some of that flow of beauty, the artist puts him or herself in the way of what made that beauty, what created it, and thereby becomes a creator him or herself, a co-creator to the works of creation.

What is the true meaning of art? And is art not the live process of giving expression? In this issue of Topaz Magazine, we wish to offer some of our “current best” perceptions about this interesting question. Very likely, there is not one ultimate answer, but many, as it is perceived by any of us and by those who take the trouble to develop the skills of an artistic talent, be it through the essence of writing, singing, painting, film making, poetry, drama or any other dedication to giving human expression.

Talent, when the letters are rearranged says latent. Is not a promise hidden within this? A promise that every human encloses a uniqueness of expression that has not yet seen the light of day.

The Editorial Team

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