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The hobbit

Last year skeletons of a small hominid were found in Indonesia. The race were given the nickname of The Hobbit as they were all around 3ft tall. The various skeletons have been dated to between 95,000 to12,000 years old. The discovery has challenged many views about human evolution. For example, it was thought that homo sapiens was the only hominid on the planet from about 27,000 years ago, but this has proved not to be the case. Dismissed by some scientists as homo sapiens, but with a disorder that stunted growth, a recent detailed study of its braincase has ruled this out. The study of the skull supports the idea that it is a completely new species of humans.

Andes civilisation

Over 5,000 years ago there was an ancient civilisation flourishing in Peru that had a complex social and political organisation. They had an imposing architecture, and they also built stone pyramids, as did other cultures within South America. Pyramids are usually associated with Egypt, but are found in many ancient cultures throughout the world. Just why this shape was so predominant and widespread is not known.

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