TOPAZ Issue 11 / 2004
Sustainability and Spirituality
Self determined or determined from outside or elswhere
7 suggestions for self-reflection as a start to each new day
Mr. Green, The Greengrocer
What is honour?
Poetry - A window to mind making
Why ask questions?
The human mosaic of reponse: The purpose of human life?
Waunifor, a tranquil rural Centre in Beautiful West Wales
The "International Colourful Festival of Arts" in Cologne
Dido & Aeneas

TOPAZ Magazine

Welcome to the eleventh edition of the Topaz magazine

Welcome to the latest issue of Topaz Magazine.

As usual we have reports of events that have been happening around the network, as well as thought provoking and hopefully useful articles.

It is always a pleasure to work on this magazine as it brings together contributions from throughout the network in Europe and offers an opportunity for a good cross fertilisation of ideas.

So we hope you enjoy this issue, and as always do let us know if you have any comments or suggestions about anything in the magazine.

The Editors.

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