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Sustainability and Spirituality
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7 suggestions for self-reflection as a start to each new day
Mr. Green, The Greengrocer
What is honour?
Poetry - A window to mind making
Why ask questions?
The human mosaic of reponse: The purpose of human life?
Waunifor, a tranquil rural Centre in Beautiful West Wales
The "International Colourful Festival of Arts" in Cologne
Dido & Aeneas

Seven suggestions for self-reflection as a start to each new day

by Roland Böhringer, Germany

As a suggestion, go through the questions when and where it fits best into your programme. The morning would be ideal, and a quiet circumstance definitely helps. Feel free to take out of the following what catches you or modify the questions according to your needs.
You will also find these questions listed separately after this article. If you wish, you can copy these so you will have a template to use, and by spending a few minutes every day on each question, you will find that you become closer to yourself and what is happening in your life.

  1. What is the nature of the day?
    What do I see and feel when I look out of the window? What kind of energy do I feel today (quiet, heated, dampened down, mental, emotional, indifferent)? What might be the cause of that (the weather, the season, the general mood as, for example, that Monday morning feeling, or the Friday afternoon feeling, football triumph, the general economic situation and so on)? Do I wish to be influenced by this mood or basic atmosphere today?
  2. How do I feel in my body today?
    How do I feel mentally? How do I feel emotionally? How close do I feel to myself today? If you don't feel especially well today, don't expect to break any records, just be the best you can in the circumstance.
  3. What is important to me in my life? What about my values? Can I name them?
    Try to touch aspects of this each day. So your life will become a nice continuous story instead of, perhaps, a day to day collection of unrelated bits.
  4. How do I want to be today?
    Do I wish to try to embody a certain quality in my daily ongoing?
    E.g. optimism, clarity, wit/humour, thoughtfulness, tolerance, generosity, sense of community or ..?
  5. Is anything left over in me from the day before?
    Are there some things that are bothering you, that keep turning up? Here are 3 suggested steps to deal with these:
    a) Try to clear up the matter, if possible within 3 days;
    b) if this is not possible, decide upon a date to re-approach this;
    c) or classify it as insignificant and forget about it.
    This helps toward a sensible housekeeping with your time and energy.
  6. What things need to be done practically?
    What are the demands? Which energies and what kinds of power or muster do I want or need to generate to get my tasks done?
    Project yourself through the day so that you still have some energy left for yourself in the evening.
  7. Do I take my life and my existence for granted?
    Every day is a gift. Do I take the earth, the air, my heartbeat for granted? It took evolution and creation half an eternity to bring us humans of today to the stage of Homo sapiens.

To allow ourselves a moment to pause and feel this awe harmonises us to the fact that there is something great that keeps our even imperfect world together at its core.

Such an attitude sparks the flame of our joy at being alive and grows an appreciation of our situation, enriching our internal life and therefore also the other people with whom we deal and come into contact.

Just imagine, dear reader, millions of other people feeling the awe of something greater than themselves and then taking a step outside to feel the atmosphere...

I will be writing an article for a future edition of Topaz about the other end of the day, with suggestions on how to bring the day to a smooth and useful close before going to sleep. If you have any feedback on this article, I would be pleased to hear from you, please write to the editors who will pass it on to me.

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