TOPAZ Issue 10 / 2004
The Template: Visionary storyline of Development
Project for women, Human Template, Integration of all ages
Classroom design, Refuge garden
Intelligence of colour, Well being Sciences, Pentabalance
Music, Counselling care for the dying, Storytelling
Ease, Kaleidolight, The Aura Shower
Music of the future - The Symphony of Well Being
New Musical Landscapes
New Templates for New Times
New Templates for New Times & Astrology
Clothes for personal growth

TOPAZ Magazine

Welcome to the tenth edition of the Topaz magazine

We hope that you have enjoyed the many articles in previous editions of Topaz, articles that have covered a wide range of varied and diverse subjects.

For example in the very first issue, produced three years ago now, there were reports about stress management from work done in the Netherlands, about a garden of remedy and easement being pioneered in the UK, a youth project in Denmark, as well as writings giving insights into new ways to look at both the world of science and sustainable development.

And this diversity has continued in all the subsequent issues, which have each featured a multitude of applications of the work of the Template Network. These are all different, yet they all come out from the research and work of the Template.

The major feature article in this edition of Topaz explores this very aspect - how these many different projects, researches, activities, arts, all come out of the central core of the Template, and shows how this is not a finished journey, but a continuing exploration.

So we hope you find something of interest in this and in the other articles. The editors are always very keen to hear from you about any of the articles, and about any other issues you may wish to contact us about. We are always interested in any feedback.

Thank you for your continued support of the Topaz magazine.

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