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New Templates For New Times

By David Francis, United States of America

All across the planet at this time, if you listen carefully, you can hear the creaking of old structures being stretched beyond their limits. A realization is dawning in many places, with many people, that many of the structures by which the human race organizes its maintenance and progression have run their mile and there is a desperate need for new templates in many fields of human activity, to meet and match the changing times into which we move and which move into us.

A Change Of Epochs - Ancient Prophecy Predicting These Times

The ancient science of astrology was fundamentally the measurement of how changes in the energies of the universe affected organic life on earth, particularly the human. These energies included the heat, light and nutriment of the sun and the tidal pull of the moon, as well as the more subtle energies emanating from the local planets and the distant constellations. (Today astronomy is detached from astrology and is referred to as ‘science’ because it measures changes in universal energies that can be plotted by machines, while ‘astrology’ has been relegated to a pseudo-science, because it works by using the human system itself as a measuring device.) Ancient astrology included all the universal influences, from the most obvious, such as the 28 day cycle of the moon to the most subtle, for example the recently discovered neutrinos that pass through the planet in a nanosecond would have been considered by the ancients to be an ‘astrological’ influence.

The ancients understood that all life on earth began in the realms of energy and that organic life here organizes itself according to the nature of energies which pass through the planet’s electromagnetic force-shields, or aura. They understood that the nature of world civilizations and world events were shaped by the times and tides of unseen energies that worked through this part of creation. This knowledge was often expressed in parables and charts, which we have fragments of today. For example, it has been passed down to us that Romulus and Remus, the founders of ancient Rome, were suckled by a wolf. What does this mean? The wolf is the animal of Mars, as shown on the fragmentary tables we have received from the ancient Magi, who put different plants, crystals and animals to different planets and constellations. One of the natures of Mars, in simplistic terms, is red, administrative and martial. This is reflected in the nature of the Roman civilization. The legend of Romulus and Remus offers us a clue as to the inevitable nature of Rome because of the energies and forces that Rome was born out of.

In addition to making tables to show the different parts of organic life that best demonstrated the nature of the planets and constellations (where do you think the knowledge that gave you your ‘birthstone’ came from?), the ancients also prophesied the changing energies of the future and how these would effect life on earth.

Future Prophecy - Alive Today

We live in a time, in which the great astrological year, as discovered and explained by the ancients, is shifting from one band of universal energy into another. This great astrological year, which works according to the precession of the stars, is 25,920 years long. It is divided into twelve bands of sidereal or star influence of 2,160 years each. We are currently moving from one great band of influence into the next.

This means that the nature of cosmic energy passing through this planet for the purposes of upgrade and evolution is fundamentally changing. The ancients described the energy band that we are just leaving as ‘Pisces’, symbolized by the fish (which was the symbol used by the early Christians - one of the early manifestations of the Piscean energy). We are moving into a different nature of energy, which the ancients symbolized by the lightning strike of Aquarius. Aquarius is an air sign and was not originally known as the ‘water bearer’, but the ‘power bearer’. The Aquarian symbol is still to be found today, for example, outside electricity generating stations as a warning of high conductivity and electrical power. It says ‘warning - do not enter here, unless you are prepared for the consequences - govern your behavior accordingly’. When understanding the energy of Aquarius this way, it tells us a great deal about the future and what will come to be.

This symbol for the age of Aquarius, which now onsets, tells us that the fundamental electromagnetic forces, which power all organic life on earth, including the human, are now increasing at speed and all life on earth will be affected. We will take up one more theme which is the unique position that one particular generation occupies in this energy shift that is taking place today.

The Baby Boomers

Within the change of epochs from Pisces to Aquarius, the so-called baby boomers were born into the unique position of straddling two epochs. The reason is that the ‘dawning of the age of Aquarius’ was not something that happened back in the 1960s, as celebrated by the famous musical, “Hair”.

Just as the shift from the influence of day to night and night to day, through the processes of dawn and dusk, takes time, so it takes time to move from one great astrological influence of 2,160 planetary years to the next. If, by analogy, it takes half an hour to move from night to day, then it takes approximately 45 years to move through the cusp of the changeover of these great universal forces. This means that if you were born prior to 1967, you were born into the closing of the age of Pisces. We have been living on the cusp between Pisces and Aquarius since that time. We will only emerge into the real ‘dawn’ of the age of Aquarius in the year 2012, which is also the time of the ending of the Mayan calendar.

The baby boomers are that unique generation who were born into one astrological waveband, and may live through the time of the change-over, and actually appear into the next waveband. It is a unique charge and responsibility to carry and to live through the change-over from Pisces to Aquarius; it is only possible once every 26,000 years. If you were born prior to 1967 this is a further reason for blessing the opportunity that you were born into! And of course if you were born after 1967 then you have been born into the unique opportunity of appearing during the time of the change-over and then living into the dawn of the true ‘new age’.

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