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The Template: Visionary storyline of Development
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Classroom design, Refuge garden
Intelligence of colour, Well being Sciences, Pentabalance
Music, Counselling care for the dying, Storytelling
Ease, Kaleidolight, The Aura Shower
Music of the future - The Symphony of Well Being
New Musical Landscapes
New Templates for New Times
New Templates for New Times & Astrology
Clothes for personal growth

Templates in music

Contribution: Katrin Waldraff-Deichert, Germany.

The world of music and sound can be approached both in an analytical, mental way and in an intuitive, feeling way. At first these seem to be as opposite as hard and soft, strong and weak or day and night. Yet music shows how these two approaches can belong together and support each other, and how this can apply in life as well, and help to make life a whole experience. A prime example of this is in the genius of Bach’s music. It is full of amazing mathematics in many overlays and yet also causes very high and fine feelings.

The musical application of the template works with both these approaches in combination, as it encourages the use of all the human systems. An important foundation for this music is the study of natural patterns and ways. It offers reference and insight into all kinds of music, and can provide themes for specific new compositions, such as the four elements or for a place in nature. And then it is quite stunning what music can appear spontaneously, live, on the spot, from the freedom of intuitive expression, when an inviting and encouraging environment is created. Any attempt is valid, from a person that expresses a feeling with a few notes on a recorder to the trained professional writing a symphony.

The works of Volkmar Studtrucker come out of his template foundation, musical craftsmanship and personal intuitive inspiration. The “Songs for the Pilgrim” is about seven human development stages, the “Sinfonia Del Diletto” causes very fine wellbeing, and the yet unheard piece called “A European Symphony” features national flavours where some of their best qualities come together through orchestra, choir and solo voice. Parts of this new symphony are currently being practised as a Template project in Germany in the Westerwald region. A public performance is planned for later this year.

Counselling care for the dying

Contribution by Judith Pocock, Wales (UK)

The Ruby Care Foundation is a non-profit organization with Headquarters in Wales (UK) and active associates in many countries. It has grown from a deep and compassionate concern for those with terminal illness, for the dying and the bereaved. Its members give mental, emotional and spiritual support, care and counsel to those approaching death, and spend whatever time is needed with them - sometimes months - helping them, their families and friends come to terms with what is happening, and alleviating their stress, fears and worries.

It is working towards establishing a new template of care for the dying, which will move away from the present governing taboos and fears, towards balanced settlement, natural acceptance and peace. Those who have had dealings with the terminally ill know that there is often an urgent need in the person to ‘tidy up’ their affairs, with a sorting and relegation of everything that may be causing difficulty. In some this can be difficult if there have been deep-seated traumas during their life which now insist on being addressed.

Grief can be a very desolate and lonely time. The systems in the mind and body are adjusting to the shattered harmonies of loss (of any kind), often leaving the bereaved with a real need for skilled assistance in guiding them through what should be a natural healing process. Death can be a peaceful and lovely time, even when accompanied by physical pain, which can be well managed; likewise so can emotional and spiritual pain be eased and eliminated, and needs to be.

All involved with this work feel it to be a privilege and honour to assist at this time, as ‘death companions’ similar to ‘birth midwives’, easing, being with and fortifying the dying, and then continuing to support those who are left in grief. ‘...Nothing ever dies without somehow being cleaned...’ and we are proud to be of assistance in this cleansing passage into perhaps another aspect of life and living elsewhere.

The breath of Life Storytelling

‘The Ring of Turquoise’ is an international storytelling network, established by Ifat and Rami Zor in Israel in 1995. The Network promotes and stimulates natural communication via the art of storytelling, and is in an active pursuit of developing a template for storytelling.

Mike & Marlies Woudstra, storytelling pioneers: ‘You could say that the storyteller is a historian who draws from the best of the collective bank of human experience, preserving these vitamins and passing them on to the next generation so that they may have the best inheritance for their own futures. From another perspective, the storyteller is the mediator between what is and what has not happened yet, other than in the imagination of the human mind’.

Read more in Topaz 5, interview with Ring of Turqoise, Netherlands.

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