TOPAZ Issue 10 / 2004
The Template: Visionary storyline of Development
Project for women, Human Template, Integration of all ages
Classroom design, Refuge garden
Intelligence of colour, Well being Sciences, Pentabalance
Music, Counselling care for the dying, Storytelling
Ease, Kaleidolight, The Aura Shower
Music of the future - The Symphony of Well Being
New Musical Landscapes
New Templates for New Times
New Templates for New Times & Astrology
Clothes for personal growth

The intelligence of colour

Contribution: Mark Stolk, Denmark

Colour is not just a form of light or a pigment on the wall but a living influence that affects the way we think, feel and act in a far greater way than most people are aware of.
Template Stiftelsen in Denmark is a pioneer of research in this field, which has led to many and varied results and produce. This has ranged from two exhibitions in Copenhagen about the influence of colour, where over 15,000 people went through different experiences testing the influence of colour, to a colour test developed for a large international paint manufacturer.

This is not only research into the influence of single colours but also into colour combinations, the challenge being to find and discover a new template for the significance of colour and its influence and application, one that can help mankind in multiple ways within the various expressions of living: from colour ecologies that promote special learning to coloured environments that promote healing and repair, or colour combinations that can help to activate specific human abilities such as clairvoyance... as such it can be said that colour is a messenger of intelligence.

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Gaining confidence with Pentabalance

In the Netherlands, a methodology for treatment of children with ADHD symptoms has been pioneered. It is an exact methodology featuring games, sensitivity exercises and enjoyment. It its called Pentabalance, where Penta stands for the five-fold human system which requires a proper balance between the various parts and processes.

Ingrid Bunnik pioneers the project, ‘ The children visit me once a week for a session, usually with their mother. Their problems are often a result of some kind of psychological obsession or blockage, such as the feeling of wanting to be perfect, the fear of being blamed or ‘nobody likes me’. They need to begin to experience the opposite sensation, as an example, that you can have fun even though you don’t win a game, or that making a mistake is okay, you can try again. This kind of experience frees the natural capabilities. We spend time in the gym or outside on the sports field or in the garden. The stillness of the surroundings and the design of the school help a great deal.’

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The Well Being Sciences (WeBS)

Contribution: Claudia Schubert, Germany

Each person is equipped with the power of self-healing. They also have the ability to help others toward more well being through entirely natural methods, such as the touch of a hand to strengthen, a pat on the shoulder to confirm, or simply by listening to someone who needs to talk.
The members of the Well Being Sciences research both the foundation for and the possibilities of these natural human healing capabilities, in which we consider various templates, like the 5-fold structure of the energy flow in the body and the 7-fold structure of the nutriments of our inner lives. If parts of these are lacking then physical symptoms are inevitable in the long run. If all is balanced then a person feels generally well and gets better quickly after stress.

Possibly the most important Template in this area is the law of two, throughout history people have touched upon this natural law, such as in the principle of Ying and Yang, or electricity and magnetism. A person can both give and receive, our hands show these different polarities and with a bit of training that principle can be used to increase well being, of oneself or of others.

In the Well Being Sciences we spend a large part of our time together in this kind of training, as well as the mental comprehension and intuitive sensing of the multiple interconnections between the many parts of the body, and other aspects such as habits, persuasions and coping with emotions.
Starting from these kinds of perceptions the WeBS have developed an extensive system of analysis and balancing of energetic and physical weaknesses. This is in continuous development and has already been successfully applied in many areas, such as headaches, stress, chronic fatigue, sleep disorders, PMT, malfunction of the digestive tract and much more. Open events are held in all the countries involved, with workshops, courses or personal coaching.

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