TOPAZ Issue 10 / 2004
The Template: Visionary storyline of Development
Project for women, Human Template, Integration of all ages
Classroom design, Refuge garden
Intelligence of colour, Well being Sciences, Pentabalance
Music, Counselling care for the dying, Storytelling
Ease, Kaleidolight, The Aura Shower
Music of the future - The Symphony of Well Being
New Musical Landscapes
New Templates for New Times
New Templates for New Times & Astrology
Clothes for personal growth

Classroom design

A very conspicuous combination of colours and structures meets the eye when you enter the large classrooms of the specialized school for ADHD children, ‘The School in Charlottegard’ in Copenhagen. All the walls have the same colour combinations of peach, amber, lemon and light grey in different and specific shapes and arrangements. For example, all the way round the room, mid-way between floor and ceiling, is a precisely measured box arrangement in light blue and peach. This very specific design is not only made to please the eye, but is custom-made to enhance concentration and learning abilities in children suffering from ADHD, also known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Read more in Topaz 7, Interview with Marianne T. Nielsen, Denmark

A refuge garden

The English architect Trevor Muir has designed a refuge garden whose purpose is to assist in repairing psychological and mental trauma, brain injury, epilepsy and depression. Many people seek refuge in their gardens for relaxation, healing and repair, and have done so for many centuries all over the world. Indeed, it is well known that many plants have therapeutic properties for different types of illnesses. Yet rarely are gardens designed specifically and scientifically for the treatment of illness and trauma.

The Refuge Garden has been designed to facilitate the natural recovery and healing process for head injury patients, and also as a healing ecology for other types of illness. It is a quiet haven for rest, repair and renewal. The concept of the design is based on a very thorough research into the natural workings and functions of the brain.

Read more in Topaz 2, The Refuge Garden, by Trevor Muir, UK

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