TOPAZ Issue 9 / 2004
Likes And Dislikes
North American Template Homestead
Balanced nutritional habits
In the Quest of the Man
The Honour between Men
Understandings about the xx and xy gender
Success: An end result or a way of life?
Gender and Singing - a Musical Exploration

TOPAZ Magazine


Looking back over 2003, there have been some very significant events across the Template Network - the theatre festival in Holland, a colour exhibition in Copenhagen, theatre performance in London and the purchase of a homestead in Tennessee, as well as many other not less significant activities within many projects. The network extends to fifteen countries with over forty projects ranging from education, the arts, science, health and bereavement, theatre, children and research. In the same way as the young child’s growth is rapid and measurable, so each year the young development that the network is demonstrates consistent and tangible growth.

The Topaz magazine was inspired in 2000 by a vision or an image of what the future might look like if we as a human race might pause and listen and respond differently to what is happening. How many of us have experienced a moment when we have stopped from our frantic, going-on, habitual pace to find a different sanity, perception, feeling or knowing that was already there, but which we couldn’t hear before? Our times are like this. If we can only quieten down there are images and feelings to be sensed, that beckon us from the dawning of a new time. As W.B Yeats wrote: ‘We can make our minds so like still waters, that beings gather about us that they may see, it may be, their own images, and so live for a moment with a clearer, perhaps even with a fiercer life because of our quiet’. Quietness is difficult to achieve these days, but somehow very necessary if we are to hear and live more fulfilling lives.

All the projects and endeavours written about in the Topaz have one thing in common. They are all wanting to moved by and undertaken with a feeling and knowing about a new tomorrow.

We wish you a prosperous New Year.

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