TOPAZ Issue 8 / 2003
A Musical Tribute
Understanding Competition
The Template of Sacred Architecture
Helping hand for ADHD children
Brief history of humour
More about Humour
How to watch films
Shakespeare’s Private Theatre
A Day in the Theatre of Life

TOPAZ Magazine

Welcome to the eighth edition of the Topaz magazine

As the long hot summer draws to a close, we welcome you to our next edition of Topaz magazine, and we hope once again you enjoy the range and diversity of articles. They represent just a few of the many projects and researches that people involved with the Template Network throughout Europe are engaged in.

The Template Network is an affiliation of like-minded people and organisations all somehow involved in pioneering new ways towards improving the future of this world and securing a better opportunity for next generations. It is exciting when a health practitioner, a psychologist and a dance and movement specialist, as an example, come together to research and try to develop new approaches to a particular medical problem. The collaborations across different skills often prompts the search for new platforms and ways of thinking and ensures a freshness and broadness of approach often absent when one only researches within one’s own field.

Some of the projects written about in the magazine are new, some have been going for a number of years. Some are in the early stages of development, some have already gained successes in their fields. Topaz has been put together as a cross network means of informing and as a way of interesting others in these projects.

Our hope is that through the many editions we represent the scope and depth of these many projects and provide an insight into their work that each reader may find something of interest and of use for their own life.

Thank you for your continued support of Topaz

The Editorial Team

The Template Network

The Template Network pioneers the discovery and understanding of new templates in various territories within human affairs, such as education, art, ecology, well-being, science and spirituality. The network consists of people from various backgrounds, nationalities and creeds and is open to those above 18 years old. The individual endeavour of personal growth is a central aspect in the engagements, which includes the liberation of each person's unique talents and qualities inside his or her way and application in life, as reported of in the Topaz.

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