TOPAZ Issue 8 / 2003
A Musical Tribute
Understanding Competition
The Template of Sacred Architecture
Helping hand for ADHD children
Brief history of humour
More about Humour
How to watch films
Shakespeare’s Private Theatre
A Day in the Theatre of Life

TOPAZ Magazine


The Topaz magazine is produced by a team of volunteers from England, Holland, Denmark and Germany to try to represent many of the outstanding projects developing around the network. Topaz Magazine is a joint endeavour of the Template Network in Great Britain, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands. It is issued three times a year in Danish, German, English and Dutch.

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Editors: Great Britain - John Turner and Sarah Robins, Denmark - Rolf Christoffersen and Yvonne Briand Christensen, Germany - Roland and Anne Böhringer, Netherlands - Sander Funneman and Iet Veenland.
Art-Direction & Design: Ivo Söltner (Ger)
Production Layout: A. Böhringer (Ger)
Illustrator: Mark Stolk

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