TOPAZ Issue 7 / 2003
A gallery of personal portraits
To carry forth the Olympic Spirit
Personal development
Film prompters
Healing - its inside the value and purpose of life
Research and discoveries in the garden
Drawing - the unseen hand
Children with ADHD win confidence
A new and original colour combination for ADHD schools
Colour Curios

TOPAZ Magazine

Welcome to the seventh edition of the Topaz magazine

As mentioned in the last edition of the Topaz magazine, the Template Foundation UK has moved into its new headquarters in Barnet and is in the process of a major renovation and refurbishment of what was previously a small factory/warehouse. Already the large room behind the shop entrance has been converted into a beautiful meeting space, called the Amber Room, where community events are being held.

A large number of the projects active within the Template Network look to voluntarily give time to providing educational programmes into their local communities throughout the UK and Ireland. These events are subsidised and supported by the Template Foundation, and they offer colourful and innovative new approaches to interesting subjects, from theatre to art to science and the environment. The current activities include a drawing course by Chris Ake, who is featured in this edition, a six week drama course, craft workshops, and talks on education, Shakespeare and the human aura.

This edition of the Topaz again provides examples of exciting projects across Europe, from Holland, Denmark, Germany, Greece and the UK, as well as some fascinating articles about personal development and gardening. We hope you continue to enjoy the Topaz and welcome your enquiries and feedback.

If you want information about future events at the Foundation headquarters, or in Wales, Nottingham or Ireland, or want to be included on the mailing list or to become a Friend of the Template Foundation, please write to Template Foundation, PO Box 287, Hatfield, AL9 6WJ.

The Editorial Team

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