TOPAZ Issue 7 / 2003
A gallery of personal portraits
To carry forth the Olympic Spirit
Personal development
Film prompters
Healing - its inside the value and purpose of life
Research and discoveries in the garden
Drawing - the unseen hand
Children with ADHD win confidence
A new and original colour combination for ADHD schools
Colour Curios

TOPAZ Magazine


The Template Network pioneers the discovery and research of new templates within human affairs, many of which are reported in this magazine, as well as championing personal growth and the development of each person’s unique talents and qualities. The network involves people from many different backgrounds and nationalities and is open to those over 18 years old.

The Topaz magazine is produced by a team of volunteers from England, Holland, Denmark and Germany to try to represent many of the outstanding projects developing around the network. Topaz Magazine is a joint endeavour of the Template Network in Great Britain, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands. It is issued three times a year in Danish, German, English and Dutch.

Your letters, enquiries, address changes and subscriptions can be forwarded to:

The Template Foundation
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Editors: Great Britain - John Turner and Sarah Robins, Denmark - Rolf Christoffersen and Yvonne Briand Christensen, Germany - Roland and Anne Böhringer, Netherlands - Sander Funneman and Iet Veenland.
Art-Direction & Design: Ivo Söltner, Production Layout: A. Böhringer (Ger). Illustrator: Mark Stolk

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