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Healing - it's inside the value and purposes of life and living that the healing lives

Healing is a property that is connected to a fundamental personal alignment and development process, it does not stand alone but goes hand-in-hand with the evolution of the human race and what it will need for its future. It is not a constant, but is forever changing, evolving and updating. Josina Keuskamp went on a search for the drive behind healing and spoke with Robyn Leverett (53), who is dedicated to the research of the healing domains. Robyn is a trained nurse, with many years of experience in different specialist areas. She was born in New Zealand and currently works in Israel. In 1995 Robyn began to look more deeply into ways of understanding, developing and training towards healing arts and skills and has dedicated the last 8 years to this healing endeavour. During this time the Well Being Sciences organisation was formed, with a current international membership of 200 people in 15 countries. The following interview will explain much of what has been involved in the work of the last eight years...

Where does this drive in you come from, that is attracted to healing?
In retrospect I can see the drive in me for healing started in my early years in trying to put things right, wanting to take care of things, trying to remove pain - even bringing a plant from suffering into a well-being state, trying to find a place in myself and for other things to give any kind of well being, to provide the best possible environment to grow and flourish with a sense of something else being possible, rather than what life appeared to be. I know I wanted my life to be useful, to have a special kind of meaning and not just blindly accept how life was being presented to me. Today I'm more passionate than ever about healing and the healing possibility as my love and understanding of it develops and grows. Not so much because of what it can do, although it becomes more and more miraculous, but because of the longing of the healing itself to be remedial and its longing to be faithful to what caused it to be. It's like hearing the inner voice of something asking for inclusion, asking for a way through, seeking a continuance. I want to be its faithful friend, ever ready and open to the intelligence it brings to bear.

Why does healing exist? Is it something miraculous and where does it come from?
I believe healing exists because the intelligences that create everything that exists want it to. It comes from this higher intelligence, or rather is part of what it is; I feel it to be one of the ways in which creation can express itself and pass its love to the human race, the earth and all that lives on it. It comes in many forms, ways and styles. All things in the natural worlds are healing upon something; education is healing upon the unlearned, friendship is healing upon the lonely, food is healing upon the starving, courage is healing upon danger, understanding is healing upon the ignorant, as well as actual hands-on healing that restores and regenerates injury or disease back to a natural balance. It is all related to ‘things being as they were meant to be’ and things being in a natural balance. Healing is an unseen force or power, it's like the wind, we can't see it but we can feel and see its effects, its passage and proximity.

I feel that life and living abounds with healing miracles, but they are mostly not seen or given credence or recognized. What could be more healing than the sun that rises every day to give us light and warmth, without which we would die? What could be more healing than the air we breathe every moment of our lives and the water we drink every day, without which we would die? What could be more healing than the sensations and impressions we feel, without them we would quickly go mad and die, as sensory deprivation proves. These are all healing miracles. Nothing could be more healing than understanding the reason why!

How does healing work and what is the relation between healing and well-being?
Healing is the transference of regenerative forces or powers or essences from one person to another, by virtue of a connection made to various healing forces and powers. It's a life force that can naturally anchor and move through a person if they so wish.

Healing works by remedial need and if connection to the healing forces has been made, they will come when called for. Healing forces like to reside in natural places of peacefulness, harmony, stability and sanctuary, but they will appear in any kind of circumstance, if there is a person there who can offer these same sanctuary conditions within their own inner arrangement, for the healing forces to pass through to do their remedial work.

Simply speaking, healing is a doing and causing word. It restores, repairs, rejuvenates, regenerates, brings things into balance. Well-being is a state that one is in after the doing, it's an active state. Mostly well-being is interpreted as ‘feeling well', meaning there is nothing wrong, nothing is bothering us right now. However true well-being is a connected state of enhancement caused by creational given essences and forces, it is a very illumined state, it is spiritual, bright, flaring, alive and regenerative. Unfortunately this is a rather rare state for most people to be in, given our 21st century life style, and we can only be in this state for brief moments if what underpins it, can't hold it. The spirit can't flare if the soul isn't happy, the soul can't be in the happiness of its well-being if the body, mind and emotions are not in good balance and health. It's all inter-dependant one to the other.

Who needs healing?
Healing is for anyone and anything that needs it, not only the obviously ill. It works in multiple ways for multiple reasons, it prevents degeneration and is intrinsic within the design of the human. Being able to not get ill in the first place - preventative healing - is the most potent healing of all. Trying to cure a disease is more complicated and costly on many accounts. Dis-ease is an absence of easement, relief or comfort. We could say that so called 'bad habits' like excessive drinking or smoking overload the body's systems with more toxins than it was designed to handle, but the reasons why a disease physically manifests in a person are multiple. There is always a unique combination of causes that come together, usually over a period of time, that off-set the natural rhythms of a life. There are many considerations in looking at causes of disease, such as the environment we live in, congenital inherited factors, how a person thinks, what a person eats and drinks, how a person uses or misuses their emotions and the reasons why we do what we do. Happiness or lack of happiness plays an influential part. The healing force is a vital, natural life-force that holds within it the essence vitamins of restoration, preservation and essential life maintenance properties. So it will always be needed to help keep this natural balance; it is an intrinsic part of creation, its regenerative out-flow will always be there.

If healing does not occur, what prevents it from happening?
The body can heal itself naturally. This alone is a miracle, imagine if all the cuts, injuries and broken bones we have had never healed, but they do, and mostly without our interference. A broken bone is set in plaster to align it correctly, but the bone heals itself. Research has revealed that the more aligned or natural a person is to their own intrinsic selves and the purpose of their life, the greater the opportunity that the body's natural healing processes have to be at play. But generally speaking the human race is far removed from their natural state and from being able to activate dormant systems of natural human abilities. Mostly the difficulty in healing oneself lies in the depressed or disheartened state that disease or injury can cause, which we have all experienced at different times in our life. This makes it very difficult to rally oneself into being superior to the ailment. This is where the healer becomes invaluable and can, if developed enough and connected to healing influences, offer that superior healing charge to the person to heal the affliction.

Are there good self-help healing practices that help to prevent disease?
I feel the most important of all is happiness. It is said that ‘happy people attract essences’ and those essences attract healing, good things, qualities and values. It's also said, ‘love wherever you are, love whoever you are with, love whatever you are doing.’ These are the most potent healing elements.

Can you tell us about some of your methodologies?
The methodology has changed many times as it develops. There have been many years of research, experimentation, checking and validating. Healing is an evolving, living thing. The question for any healer is - can they connect to where the healing forces are today, rather than expanding healing forces that have been part of our history. Times change, diseases change; you can't heal today's diseases with yesterday's healing forces. As new illnesses, viruses, diseases, afflictions appear, so do the healing powers that are remedial upon them. The task for the healer is to be able to develop in such a way that those corrective influences can find that person to pass through to do their healing work. The healing powers, like many other unseen natural powers, are always looking for humans to process through, otherwise they can't do their work.

Today we are investigating chronic complaints through a system of colour analysis. The body has what we could call a fuelling system of certain energies that are connected to all the body parts, organs and systems. There are two overlays within this, one related to the pentagram colours with the addition of silver and gold and one related to the spectrum colours, the rainbow. The pentagram energies, power or fuels are stored within the body so that we have an extra supply in case of emergencies. These stored energies are not supposed to be used up in our daily going-on life and, if they are, it causes the storage tanks, known as accumulators, to become depleted. This then causes a depletion in the body part that needs that fuel for its proper functioning. For example, the thyroid runs on yellow fuel, if we use up that yellow fuel through, let's say, improper use of the emotions, it will start to use up the yellow fuel needed by the thyroid for proper functioning and balance, as well as depleting the yellow held in storage. Then, depending on the nature of the person, this can cause an over-active or under-active thyroid.

Thorough investigation is done firstly to ascertain where the depletions and imbalances are in the body, followed through with the remedy for that situation. If there are digestive stomach/intestinal problems it could include eliminating certain foods from the diet for a time; the liver could be over-toxic from the ingestion of too many chemicals, so recommendation would be made to stop taking in the chemicals. For example, a person can have back problems because of many different causes such as psychological/emotional disturbances, an inflammation, nutriment deficiencies, injury, bad posture, stress, dietary habits, pressure on the kidneys, dehydration or an inherited weakness, and so the remedy will be different. It's the same for many other complaints, and therefore trying to find the cause of something becomes important. Some chronic complaints can be healed with one hands-on healing session, some need a series of healings. Sometimes counselling is needed, at other times a listening ear, sometimes just some individual attention and care, an arm around the shoulder to feel the warmth that passes from one human to the other, a smile, a kind word... healing comes in many, many ways. Another methodology that I use is the aura wipe, which involves cleaning of the aura.

What is the significance of an aura-cleaning?
Most of the healing work happens within the aura that surrounds the person's physical body. Apart from many other processes the aura mirrors electrically what is physically in the body, which is why healing through the aura can be effective upon a physical body part, without touching that body part. The healer, in connection to the healing force, passes a more superior charge or vibration into a person's aura thereby causing the discharge of what is distressful or harmful to the patient. ‘Things’ can stick on the aura, both fortunate and unfortunate signals, resulting in either beneficial or harmful consequences. These signals can come both ways, from outside or inside, all dependent on what a person attracts to themselves. In relation to healing, harmful signals that have stuck upon the surface of the aura can be removed, this is what an aura-wipe is, a ‘wash and brush up’. It is like the barnacles that stick on the bottom of a boat, they need to be cleared and cleaned away to prevent them eating away at and being corrosive upon the planks on the bottom of the boat. In the case of the aura, these electrical barnacles, if not cleared and cleaned, can become corrosive. They are little beacons of attraction for more of the same, causing all manner of complaints from depression to headaches to distress and possible disease. Having ones aura cleaned from time to time becomes as important as daily showering or bathing your body physically.

Does disease come from outside in, from genetic influence, or do we create our own diseases?
It could be one thing or a combination of all. However, if we have a stance of actually taking responsibility for our own processes, then we embrace the idea that we take responsibility for whatever happens to us, and try to find the answer to our own problems. We can become our own remedy for the complaint and search for needed understandings, try to locate possible causes or reach for better perceptions. All of this helps to take a person out of a destructive victim psychology and into the value and purposes of life and living, because this is where the healing is.

What is your greatest love in healing?
I love all aspects of it, the very fact of it, the idea of it, that it exists, the incredible restorative and enhancing properties that come with it; it's such an incredible gift. I love to do healings, I love the fact that my hands can feel what is not functioning as it should and can rebalance it. I love the fact that this toxic, poisonous, coarse electromagnetic static can be removed and that something can return to being as it should be. I love being able to help people regain and tap into their own inner strengths, that because of their unwell state they don't have the vigour to touch. I love the work of it, the training, the practice, the disciplines, the research, investigation and search for new and better ways to proceed with the healing. I love this special kind of state that you need to be in when doing healings, almost as if you need to forget all that you know and listen with another part of you to the intelligence of what the healing forces are trying to relay to you. I love to feel the passing through and nearness of these living forces. I love the preparation, the setting up and the cleaning up...

Interview by Josina Keuskamp - van Schaik

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