TOPAZ Issue 5 / 2002
The Unseen Worlds
The Aura Shower
Towards WellBeing
Aproaching Death
The Breath of Life
The Theatre of China
Film Review: Ameliť
Why study Great Ladies?
Helping children by helping adults
A colour tool for self assessment

TOPAZ Magazine

Welcome to the fifth edition of the Topaz magazine!

Once again, we are attempting to faithfully represent projects and activities from around the European Template Network. This month we have, amongst others, articles about a bereavement project, a storytelling network and a new technology being tested in a centre for epilepsy. All of these projects arise from a central motivation to find new platforms and ways of thinking about central issues that concern us all and to try to apply this into practical means of enhancing the quality of life of others. Some projects have been running for several years now, others are in their infancy, but all carry a potential to help influence and shape aspects of life for the future.

We very much appreciate the feedback we receive, both about the magazine and various articles within it. As a team we recognise that words can only partially represent the visions, labour and conviction that lies within many of these projects and we strive to do them as much justice as we can. Your suggestions are therefore always useful in helping us to improve Topaz and to make it a more interesting read. We also welcome your contributions or ideas about other projects that may be included in future editions of Topaz, so please do get in touch with us.

Thank you for your continued support of Topaz.

The Editorial Team

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