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Towards Well Being

Tips for reducing stress after a day at work.

By Claudia Schubert.

You probably know the feeling after a hard day’s work, when you simply want to go home, relax and do nothing…And as you know, there are those evenings when you have things to do or there are things you want to do, but you do not have the energy or state of mind to do them. The following understandings and tips have been developed by the Well-Being Science (WEBS) Association, an international network concerned with developing natural technologies which stimulate self-health and improved well-being. They offer a few simple methods that allow you to return back to yourself and to bring you to a place where you can more easily get back into your stride.

Become aware of your speeds when leaving your workplace every day, during a lunch break, going to your car or or other form of transport. We become programmed to moving at a certain pace, which is usually in tune with the frequencies and pressures of the workplace and other people.

By becoming conscious of this, you can then change speeds deliberately, internally and externally, to one that is better suited to you. By instructing your systems to change speed, to reduce your speed by half, it will help parts of you to better recover and relax. Breathe deeply and consciously enjoy walking more slowly and observing your surroundings. Self-awareness is always the first step to making any changes in your life and you will be amazed what this small exercise can promote.

As soon as you are back home from work take a shower and change out of your work clothes. You can include some simple movement exercises as part of this, as an example imagine shaking off the stresses of the day by shaking each part of your body, one part after the other and then with your whole body. You can have some good fun with this, doing it to a favourite piece of music. The shower after this will then wash away accumulated unwanted energies that have gathered during the course of the day. It is worth noting that clothes made from synthetic fibres, especially socks and tights, will increase the amount of static energies. It is therefore preferable to wear clothes made from natural fibres as often as possible.

Give yourself time to do things that you enjoy and wherever possible do them often. If you cannot find something in that moment, try asking yourself some simple questions such as, ‘What have I always wanted to do or wanted to understand? What do I hunger for in the way of experience or comfort? What is missing and what could help enrich and bring more fulfilment to my life? What inspires me? What causes a feeling of purpose and belonging in myself?’

My experience has taught me that the simple ways toward better self-awareness and understanding bring the best results.

Claudia Schubert offers workshops and seminars on health and well-being and lives in Cologne, Germany.

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