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The Aura Shower

Since 1997, a multi-disciplinary team of people involved in the fields of the environment, health and design has been working to develop a technology that they believe has real potential in the worlds of health and well being. Sponsored by the Template Foundation UK, this team has created what has been named ‘The Aura Shower’, which works to clean and regulate the electro-magnetic fields of a person using one of nature’s greatest cleansing agents - running water. In July this year, the aura shower was constructed and is undergoing trials at the St Elizabeth’s Centre for people with severe epilepsy.

Topaz asked James Ash, the original creator of the aura shower, about the principles behind its design. ‘The basis of the technology of the aura shower is to do with the understandings that relate to the electro-magnetic field that surrounds a person, known as the aura, and its three levels of radiation. As we go about our lives so this radiation field, extending approximately 90cm out from the body, can house energies or become contaminated in ways that can adversely affect all aspects of our lives - from how we think, to stress, stamina levels and general health. In the same way that we care for our bodies and try to keep them clear from disease and dirt, so we can offer the same care towards our energy systems’.

‘Have you ever noticed how invigorating it is to sit by a moving stream or a waterfall? This is due to the fact that water is a natural cleansing agent that can draw to itself and remove unwanted or unused energy, leaving us feeling more intact and cooler. It is this principle that has given rise to the aura shower, working on the radiations that comes from the bones, the blood and the nerves’.

The construction of the aura shower is simple, with willow branches holding three overhead pipes that are each aligned to a different level of the aura. By turning on the water supply for each pipe, they release a shower of water upon each respective level of radiation. Thus the energy fields surrounding a person gets cleansed without the person themselves getting wet.

James continued, ‘When we look to the countryside or nature, behind the incredible display of life we witness, there is a very definite and exact set of natural laws that govern and influence how things work, and I believe we instinctively know that there is a mighty intelligence at play. Sometimes I feel that we are moving further and further away from the appreciation of and benefits that a close association with the natural worlds affords. We run to the countryside in between bouts of stress, but very rarely consider, extract and apply the great wisdoms and learning that nature demonstrates’.

Much of our lives these days are spent surrounded by machinery and technology that radiates very high levels of coarse electro-magnetic emissions. We are bombarded by radiations from computers, refrigerators, electrical pylons, engines, mobile phone masts, and so much more. There is very insubstantial research being undertaken to explore fully the influence that these radiations have upon our general health, but I believe that its effects are far greater than we give recognition to’.

‘Our own researches have clearly shown that the condition of our aura is directly related to our state of health, and that the more technology we employ as a generation, the more our energy systems become affected. There is much more research to do in this area, but it is not a subject that we can any longer afford to dismiss’.

‘So, as I mentioned, consider again the fact of water, and what a marvellous cleansing, regulating and healing substance it is. It is unlikely that anyone will deny the feeling of well being that can accompany a shower at the end of a hard day. Likewise, sitting in a garden surrounded by plants, trees and a pond with a fountain can also induce a profound sense of enhancement. And yet, we seem unwilling to bring these understandings into, as an example, our working environments, health facilities, or indeed school rooms. The aura shower is a small attempt to bring nature’s technologies into an environment where it can bring benefits to those that need it’.

The aura shower has been about four years in the development stage and is a continuing research, with many skilled technicians in various fields being involved in its design and many hundreds of volunteers testing its effectiveness. The aura shower being used in St Elizabeth’s Centre incorporates specific plants, slate flooring and willow branches and each item has a specific reason and application within the overall design.

James was very impressed by the staff at St Elizabeth’s and their willingness to explore new ways of helping those within their care. ‘Their devotion is outstanding and I only hope that the aura shower may bring some further easement, well being and relief to those who use it’.

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