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The Unseen Worlds - A world of causes of charisma and radiation

Sander Funneman is director of the Template Foundation, Netherlands and, as such, is involved with numerous pioneering projects and researches in the fields of education and personal development. Sander Funneman has also recently published a book entitled ‘The Unseen Worlds’. This book conveys a series of insights into the unseen worlds – the realms of electro-magnetic influences and radiations. We recently met Mr Funneman to discuss aspects of his work.

Are the unseen worlds part of another undiscovered reality? In the following interview Sander Funneman states simply that everything begins and arises in the unseen worlds. By weaving a web of diverse reference he opens a door of understanding into these relatively unexplored worlds. How do we make an approach into these worlds? What do these worlds look like? Are there visible examples of the unseen worlds? This is where our conversation began.

‘Aha…unseen, but not invisible. Seeing is itself a marvellous example of the existence of the unseen worlds as they relate to the seen worlds. About 70% of all the body’s receptors are in the eyes. The eyes are capable of recognising 10 million shades of colour. If you add this to the fact that light moves with a velocity of 300,000 km per second, one must wonder how on earth the eyes are able to work, see, discern and register at these incredible speeds. What do the eyes see in an instant that we don’t see? What shapes, colours, movements and other impressions have our eyes registered for us? And how much of this can be made conscious?

If you really want to get to know and experience the unseen worlds, it’s impossible to do this merely by collecting scientific knowledge. It’s also necessary to gather stories, experiment, research, do field studies, and perhaps even visit specific places in the world, such as Cornwall or Egypt, where you can research different important aspects of the unseen worlds. The unseen worlds touch upon every aspect of life.
Isn’t it interesting that you sometimes see small children of about 3 or 4 years old staring or pointing into the air as if they are looking at something we cannot see. Do they see something else? With 160 million sensors in the eyes it is not unimaginable to consider that many things that eyes see lie beyond a kind of perception threshold’.

What do you think this threshold of perception that you are talking about might be? Would this be a natural threshold or a barrier created by how we live?

‘The unseen worlds are a huge realm, infinitely vaster than the physical and visible worlds. They are the worlds from which all parts of our life originate and where feelings and states arise – such as happiness, excitement, grief or joy. They are also the worlds in which you can find answers to important questions such as why people do what they do and what governs human behaviour.

These are the worlds through which to understand how birds navigate or that can explain how, according to a recent research, children who regularly have physical contact with each other are less prone to violence between them. These worlds can help us understand why only10% of our brains are active and what the other 90% might be for; as an example, there is increasing evidence that other parts of our brain are for the development of intuition, creativity and the spiritual dimension of life.

Everything has its origins in the unseen worlds - a smile, crying, a mood, a new idea, hope, care, gladness, humour... everything. These worlds show us that every thought or every feeling causes an attraction or repulsion and also that every movement and every sound is either transmitting or receiving. Our lives are influenced by the quality of thinking and feeling processes we have. One person may experience rain as something romantic, another person may see it to be repetitively unfortunate, because it affects their sporting plans, and another may see it as a blessing for the land. However, the nature and development of our internal processes can’t be seen. Where does a sudden inspiration, a vision or bout of creativity come from? By researching the causes of things one gets to know much, much more about the unseen worlds. Searching for the causes of things stretches our minds beyond the threshold of current perception. But this needs research and needs to be made tangible if it is to be more than simply theoretical or ethereal concepts’.

I still find it difficult to imagine what these unseen worlds are really about. What is there unseen in the world around us, say with plants, trees and animals?

‘Everyone in the world who has some experience with the study of the unseen worlds will tell you that the more you try to chase this aspect of life, the more evasive it becomes.
The earth is surrounded by an electromagnetic field which has an electrical charge of varying frequencies which averages out at about 7.85 Hz - equal to the frequency at which some human brainwaves resonate. So we can tune our brains to the same wavelength as that of the earth. The earth is like an enormous magnet that generates fields which stretch far out into space. All living creatures on earth naturally tune in, consciously or unconsciously, to the earth’s magnetic field, for example, the migration and navigation patterns of birds are guided by it and they become confused by the slightest variations within it. Fish are also dependent upon these unseen worlds of the planet.

The magnetic field of the planet is influenced by dense streams of charged particles that come from the sun. You can witness this effect with the breathtaking and beautiful spectacle of the Aurora Borealis around the magnetic North Pole and the Aurora Australis around the magnetic South Pole. Magnetic fields form a part of life and penetrate into the organs and tissues of all living organisms. Every raindrop in a thunderstorm is electrically charged by the atmosphere.

These unseen worlds are at work everywhere and in everything and with a little training you can sense, taste, smell, hear and see these influences. In the workshops we run, through simple techniques, most people will sense the different levels of radiation in the human aura within the first session.’

Why is it important for us to know about the electromagnetic fields of the earth and about the way that animals tune in to that?

‘In 1975, two American scientists discovered that microbes navigate on the magnetic ley lines of the earth. They have small magnetite crystals in their body which give them the capability of navigating on these magnetic lines. The scientists discovered two types of bacteria - those that gravitate to the South Pole and those that gravitate to the North Pole. Since then, similar magnetite crystals have been found on numerous animals, on fishes, birds, bees, insects and mammals. There are now many magazine articles and books written about the way that the animal world navigates along the geomagnetic paths in the air, in water and on land. If these geomagnetic lines are everywhere, it is reasonable to assume that humans too are strongly influenced by the same lines.

One of the experiments you can do is to turn your bed and register what it causes to sleep, as an example, with the head at the north. It may help relieve insomnia. Who knows? From my own experience I know that to work to understand the unseen worlds can have profound effects in improving the quality of life. We have developed within the Template Foundation a tremendous and effective movement technique, called ‘Electrobics’, an exercise method which helps people to clean and regulate the aura and other electromagnetic systems, to remove blockages and to improve general well-being. It works extremely well and the results speak for themselves.

Sound is invisible and yet we can hear each other. The unseen worlds are much less mysterious than some people try to make them. Take charisma, for example. You can’t see charisma and yet almost everyone recognises a person with charisma. Is it not true that a person can be employed for a job because of their so-called ‘positive radiation’, instead of their certificates, capabilities or experience. Likewise there are numerous phenomena that are not physically measurable such as the feelings of love and friendship, but everyone knows of their existence and the enormous influence they exert upon life.

Out of the whole population of the world, seventy-five percent of people believe in a God. God is an inhabitant of the unseen worlds - perhaps the prime inhabitant. This means that three quarters of the world’s population is directly involved with a level of research into the unseen worlds from their own experience.
Anybody interested in finding out more about our researches can contact the Template Foundation, where we hold regular courses or workshops about these matters.’

Interview: Josina Keuskamp van Schaik.

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