TOPAZ Issue 4 / 2002
Introducing Feminenza
The Message of Water
Film Review: A Beautiful Mind
The Human Template
Dealing with Children
Music through time
Psychology - From a Template perspective
Retirement home project
Waunifor, The Template Foundation Rural Retreat
Effective Colours

TOPAZ Magazine

Welcome to the forth edition of the Topaz magazine!

Any new venture presents a challenge. It begins with a vision, a belief and a hope and the task is to turn this into an actuality, challenged by the limitations of resources and trying to match the requirements that the vision calls for.
Topaz comes out of a vision to represent an arising in our times which we, the editors, firmly believe in and our intention to do all we can to champion this significant appearance - the Template Network.

The most enlightened leaders in human history have been people who have been effectively able to establish around themselves an atmosphere of confidence and belief where people can flourish and release their true, natural potential.

After a successful first year, we continue to review this magazine in the hope that it can continue to make a contribution in supporting this release of brilliance. We welcome your comments and thoughts on how this magazine may be improved as we enter our second year.

This fourth issue contains articles about further exciting and innovative projects, ranging from work going on in a retirement home in Holland, an international network of ladies, Feminenza, to new thoughts on psychology. We thank the various contributors of this Topaz and the ongoing work of those who assist in helping us in furthering the vision of Topaz.

We hope you will continue to subscribe to this magazine and to enjoy its contents.

The editors

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