TOPAZ Issue 3 / 2002
Understanding of the Template
Template Foundation Dance Team
The Theatre of Japan
Living in times of change
Film Review
Interview with a composer
Handling uncertainty in crisis situation
A Mark of support to the people of America
Book presentation
New approaches to cancer treatment
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TOPAZ Magazine

Welcome to the third edition of the Topaz magazine!

We appreciate the feedback we have received so far with very useful comments and suggestions about the magazine and some good support for the quality and originality of the articles that have appeared so far. Please do continue to contact us with any feedback as it helps us improve and move on.

One question that has been regularly asked concerns the Template Network itself, what it is, and how it relates to all the various projects that appear in the magazine. So in response to these enquiries, this edition of the Topaz begins with an article about the Template itself which opens this up. We also wanted to make a brief response in this editorial.

Understandings through the ages have shown us that life and all the natural worlds are based on a template, which is the design and character and purpose of that living thing. So, a cat or a tulip or a butterfly each has its own genetic pattern and design and possibility which determines the scope and function of that living thing.

The human also has a distinct genetic pattern and design and possibility, but the human is unique, not only because of its inherent character and vast range of capabilities, but also because it has consciousness and creativity and therefore the potential to develop and refine and add to the template of itself through personal development and change.

This is part of our work and practical research in the Template Network, discovering the different levels, arts and natural skills of the Template that each human being is. In which each persons' individual experience, qualities and character can be enhanced and developed, whatever a person's cultural background, age or creed.

The writers of the articles in this magazine are all involved in this research which they have applied into their own areas of interest. So the core is the same for each, but how it applies is as varied as the people and the subjects themselves. It can provide a very new and different method of approach for people in many crucial areas, whether in living their daily life, in their own development or in application into a deep interest they already have. You can see the results and the broad range of applications in the articles in the magazine.

So with these thoughts in mind, we hope you enjoy this next edition of the Topaz magazine, and if you wish to contact us about any of the articles, please write to us using the contact details on the back page.

The Editorial Team

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