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A new book about a world that most people do not see

A new book is about to be published, a book that gathers a diverse variety of evidence about the existence of a world that we mostly don't see. Author Sander Funneman weaves a web of many references and new insights taken from scientific research, facts of nature and even folklore, and makes the case that, next to the physical 'seen' world that we live in and observe all the days of our life, there is an 'unseen' world which influences everything we think and do.

A few examples from the book:

  • If we walk across a carpet made of nylon then the electrostatic charge that builds up between the carpet and our skin can mount to between 20,000 to 30,000 volts!
  • In the air between us there is life in abundance. There are sounds in it coming from our own voices, there are signals in it from radios, mobile phones and televisions, there are smells in it, and so on.
  • We listen to music on the radio, we watch TV and use our mobile phones, but what we cannot see are the energy waves in the air, and therefore we also do not notice that laws govern the unseen worlds in the same way they govern the physical worlds.. Why, for example, is it that short-wave radio travels better at night than during the daytime?
  • The German biochemist Fritz-Albert Popp observed that cells communicate with each other by light signals. Also he registered the difference in radiation between healthy and sick organisms.
  • There is a type of finch where the female birds only look at the ultra-violet radiation of the males in their selection of a partner. When the females viewed the males through a filter that took out the ultra-violet, then they showed no interest in the males at all.

With many other vivid examples, the author unveils a world that is both strange and familiar, a world that modern life has separated itself from. This book provides awareness and insight into our relationship with these natural unseen worlds that are the cause and the origination of the seen worlds.

Dutch author Sander Funneman, 42, is an economist who has spent the last fifteen years researching a wide range of subjects relating to these unseen worlds. After reading this book these worlds become much more real, conscious and practical.

The book "The Unseen Worlds" is a quality production of 60 pages with colour and black and white illustrations. It will be soon available for sale in the English or Dutch language, and can be ordered via E-mail: The price is 12 Euro plus p&p.

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