TOPAZ Issue 2 / 2001
The World Mosaic of Sound
A Template Seminar Centre
Design for an Animal Sanctuary
The Science of Intelligence
A curious examination in physics... or evidence of spiritual intelligence?
Film Review - Chocolat
Immunity boosters
Desiderius Erasmus
The Refuge Garden

TOPAZ Magazine

Welcome to the second edition of the Topaz magazine

Dear Reader,

Once again we have some exciting articles that cover projects and researches across the Template Network, Europe, including a design for a garden within a head injury clinic, plans for an innovative animal sanctuary, news of an international network of musicians and more.

Internationales Redaktionsteam
From left: R. Böhringer, A. Böhringer,
S. Funnemann, S. Robins,
Y. B. Christensen, R. Christoffersen,
G. v. Schaik, J. Turner

The driving force behind the Template Network is the common pursuit to understand and research the fundamental questions of living and to find ways to practically translate our current best understandings into our personal, family and professional lives. We recognise that there are many like us who are searching to make better sense of the world around us and to understand how, as a generation, we are shaping and influencing the future. We hope this magazine may inspire and encourage exchange with others who are interested in similar matters.

Our personal and collective quests have naturally led us to collaborate in trying to discover and develop new templates across many areas of life, including education, art, science, architecture and more, so as to incorporate the best of the human potential. Thus, whilst operating independently, each of the projects involved within the network is often the results of experience and skills being pooled, a scientist working with an architect, working with a gardener, working with an environmental specialist, and so on.

We do feel that something about our time provides a unique window of opportunity where it is possible for people to work together and engage within new, elevated levels of creative processes.

The Template Network has been forming over many years. What started as a series of inspirational exchanges and forums has become a network of affiliation and mutual support that continues to grow and develop into what we believe to be a high quality international network of people pioneering new templates for living that really work.

We hope you enjoy the magazine. Please write to us with any of your comments and enquiries - we are keen to hear what you think about the magazine and your ideas for how it may be improved.

Best regards,
The Editorial Team

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