TOPAZ Issue 1 / 2001
An insight into Stress
Garden of Remedy and Easement
New Science Eyes
Hildegard von Bingen
Pioneering youth project
Film Review: The Unbreakable
Sustainable Development

TOPAZ Magazine

Welcome to the Topaz Magazine

Dear Reader,

Topaz magazine is about people and life.
It’s about the future, and what we may become.

International Editors team
International Editors team:
Top from left to right: J. Turner, R. Böhringer,
S. Funnemann, R. Christoffersen, bottom: G. Schaik,
Y. Christensen, A. Böhringer, S. Robins

It has nothing to persuade about, no morality to promote. It is simply a wide open door that leads into the worlds of important new discovery about being alive today.

The writers for the magazine are from all over Europe, from very varied professions and backgrounds, yet all are caught up in the same extraordinary quest, which is to understand what life is for and how to live it to best effect in these changing times.

From these endeavours, over many years, is emerging new and practical ways to consider in developing a better future. It’s cutting edge discovery, for these times, spanning vast and crucial areas in human development – with warmth of companionship, humility in the face of the unknown, and great theatre, as the trial and error way of it makes for a lot of wit and humour.

We call it the Template Network, for as this venture has grown over the years, so the extraordinary patterns, designs, harmonies and levels in which things work has revealed itself to be a template. Everything in this world is designed from a template, our eyes, cells, the trees, a car, computer, whatever.

And our own human development needs to find its natural template of growth, like the vine needs the trellis as its framework to climb up and grow. We’ve been on this quest, some of us for nearly three decades, and so far 16 definite levels of elevation have been charted, each level a rung up the ladder of human development.

This magazine is aimed at the level described as Topaz, which is the domain of taking action in one’s life that offers a natural leadership to oneself. Natural leadership to and from oneself. All the articles are direct examples of this from people’s own lives and work.

We are pleased to share these discoveries with you, and keen to hear and learn about yours, for the new Template of the future belongs to no one, and to everyone in whom still burns the passion to explore life and the purpose that it calls for.

Yes, a touch enigmatic, like looking out into the universe on a starry night and wondering - don’t we all?

With warm greetings and best wishes,
The Editorial Team

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